Saturday, November 13, 2010

Home at last

We made it home.  Kai slept 8 hours of the 10 hour flight.  Which was great in one way, but not so great as he only slept 2 hours last night.  I have to wake him and big brother soon.  I would love to go back to sleep.  Connor has his last soccer game today which I want to go to.  Hopefully, trying to keep Kai up the rest of the day will mean he might sleep tonight.  We shall see.

I realized I never did get any pictures at the airport either going or coming from taiwan.  I usually am good at taking pictures but this time around I wasn't the best at it.  I also realized we forgot a picture of the outside of SLC.  Our oldest son did get a picture of the cab driver who brought us to SLC.

I know there is more I was going to write there was last time and I remember after I logged off.  :(

Hopefully, I will get some pictures loaded it was to slow to upload and post using the netbook I brought to Taiwan.

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