Friday, November 5, 2010


When I first bring up blogger the screen is in chinese I have to remember where the sign in button is.

We made it to Tainan around 5:30 pm yesterday, Friday.  After a very long taxi ride as it was rush hour and who knows if he went the short or long way we finally made it to the Shangri La, a very nice hotel.  A five star hotel.  We made the mistake of trying to get our son Connor to eat something other than McDonalds which isn't working out well.  He was so exhausted and hungry he ended up thowing up at one of the hotel restaurants.  The staff was wonderful they had our dinner sent up to our room.  We had bought a hamburger which turned out to be a very expensive hamburger which he wouldn't have ate anyway's as the taste was different and I didn't care for the pizza.  I got Connor some french bread.   Kevin went out and got Connor McDonalds and found a food court next to the hotel which the staff hadn't told us about when we asked
about food.  Our new plan of attack is a nice breakfast in the hotel which has many western style choices.  Then chicken nuggets for dinner then we adults can go eat.  Kevin didn't really want to have Connor eat all his dinners at McDonalds but oh well.

We are going to try and check out one of the temples today and perhaps the Jade Market.

Our agency also said the birthmom wants to meet us on Monday.


  1. hugs and prayers and following along with excitement!!! love ti ya!

  2. Hey there...hope things are going well! I think you should have already been to SLC and met your newest little guy - hoping things are going well!